I do not do fake well. I just don’t. You ask any of my people and they will tell you that there are times my life is a wide-open book, spilling out my messy life moments.

I battled back and forth if I should post this blog because I feel I tend to write about darkness and discouragement. However, I am reminded by my Maker that I am not alone in these emotions that try to imprison me. I search for liberty from the Prince of Peace while being taunted by the Prince of Dark.

So, here I am…wide open to each of you.

Recently, there has been a struggle in my soul, which has caused darkness around my heart. There is a battle within my spirit. It is hard to press forward at times due to frustration and discouragement. Heaviness has halted me. I am swimming against the current of life, going nowhere. The battle that is raging within my core is a true wrestling match between Darkness and Light…between being shackled with the Liar or released by Jesus’ cross of Freedom.

What is a God's Girl to do when defeat causes desperation and destruction in her heart? When she reads the Word and nothing is soaking in and giving the relief she is thirsty for. When she feels stranded on the island of loneliness. The more she struggles to be faithful in her "yes", the heavier the darkness wraps around her. There are times she finds herself wanting to flee from freedom of His faithfulness.

In the season of darkness, God is so faithful to remind us that we are not alone. Oh, how He loves us through the dark times and understands the sadness that stifles our heart. As much as we try to push away, the more He clings to us and reminds us we are His girls. We are His daughters, and forever stamped and sealed in His love.

There is goodness that comes from the season of darkness. We are made stronger and our courage and boldness builds in Him as we push and punch through the darkness to head towards His Light and Love.

There is an amazing reminder from God in this season…our battle is not our own, it is the Saviors. When we turn the focus from our woes to the Winner, His Spirit fills us and helps us surrender our flesh to His faithfulness.

“Don't be afraid, for I am with you. Don't be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.” Isaiah 41:10 (NLT)

Father, in this time of darkness, we thank you for taking care of Your girls. As you carry us through this uncertain and confusing season of life, we trust and are reminded that You yearn the very best for each of us. Your love covers us, shields us and gives us the courage to move past this moment of time. With all our love and gratefulness, Your Daughter’s in Christ.