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Sweet Peace of Rest

Michele O'Leary Blog

With age and freedom, I learned to let go of insecurities that piled on top of my soul. God's never-ending love, His calling, and wooing of me helped me better understand what a daughter looks like in his own image. I am perfect because of His grace. It only took 40+ years to figure that out!

Sweet Peace of Rest

Michele Oleary

Woke up early to meet you, Jesus. I felt you tapping on my heart.
Calling me, "Come to me. Come sit with me in my rest."
Find rest in the early morning, peace of the Still of the darkness. 
Love in the Still.
Sweet-peace in the Still of the morning.
Find rest in the Rest-Maker of Jesus.
Rest and reflection and rejuvenation of thanksgiving come in the Peace-Maker.
Even Jesus stepped into the "lonely place" for rest.
Find renewal in the refreshment of Jesus.
Refreshment fills my cup.
Jesus, my love.
Refreshment in my Redeemer.
The love of my life.
He meets me in the places of my heart.
Restoration takes place in the rest of refreshment.
Restore my soul in your Peace.
Ease my thoughts of consumption.
Your Promise-Love draws me closer to your forever love.
In the arms of your rest, you pull me close.
Pure rest, Love brings me home.


Friends, I penned this poem over the past weekend when I was on the "Walk to Emmaus." Jesus poured His words over me to remind me to find true rest in Him. He wove His reminder in His words of truth and by actions of beautiful Saints all through the weekend. It was the most lovely weekend and it is stamped forever on my heart. Find true peace and rest in Him.