Back To Basics

I have been a mess.

Yes, as much as I try not to think about it that way, it is my truth.

My yearning to see what the “next thing” is stirred up "self-ways" and "my want-ways" deep within me.

The strives of life can break up the Spirit of Life. 

This past year has been beautiful and exhausting, all wrapped up together in a bow of the Light and the Dark.

Friends, we can not have our feet in both of Truth and one of worldly strives. It just doesn’t work. It also doesn’t honor our Father.

I have been praying for weeks about how God wants to use me next. What does that look like and what are the next dreams He is preparing?

The same words keep coming back to me.

“Back to Basics, my daughter.”

When we think of the word basic, it seems like a simple word and a small task. But I am learning it is neither simple or small or even easy.

It is obedience.

It is hard.

The “basics of life” is the brokenness to His truths.

Jesus didn’t strive for achievements in His ministry on earth. He kept it basic...a right relationship with His Father. Everything else flowed from there.

When the basics and brokenness intertwine together, they bring freedom and healing and His path of purpose: Loving our Father.

I lost the fundamentals of the basic-ness of His truths this past year.

As I sit still and reflect on the past year, I keep going back to something I heard several years ago, “In all you do, do it for an audience of One.” Yes, this must be my basics.

So, I will set aside, “again”, one day each week to keep learning the craft of writing.

I will take my daily stroll by the cow pastures and feel the calmness of my Healer.

I will sit at my Father’s feet, and we will dream together His dreams of what is next for our ministry.

I will continue to break bread with friends, run out of vans in laughter, and share His kindness with strangers. 

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I will smile at others and open doors at stores for mamas and “the wise ones” and pray for the ones I do not understand.

I will continue to encourage ones around me because that is my calling from Him.

I will love my family big and drop whatever to be by their side.

These are my basics of life. These are His Love-Truths for my soul.

Friends, I am not sure if I am touching a cord in your spirit. Maybe these words are just meant for me.

However, humor me and lean in as I whisper truth to you: There is nothing more important than God and a relationship with Him. Nothing.

I challenge you to “bring it back to basics” especially as we gear up for the holiday season.

Sit and share love with The Love.

Peace and Love, Sweet Friends


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