What Happens in the Broken-Bread Isle doesn't stay in the Broken-Bread Isle {Giveaway}

"And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.” Luke 22:19 (NIV)

There I stood, watching and waiting and observing my "twinkle-eyed" friend, Harrison. I witnessed such love in the breaking and passing of bread. 

I was not the only one in the wait, someone else took note, too.

We both approached my friend. He looked at me with those eyes of Jesus. The Love speaks and twinkles through Harrison’s eyes and oh, the smile of joy. 

He broke the bread and passed it to the "new friend," she insisted on handing the piece to me, but Harrison knew to serve her first. 

I said, "Please take it." and she did. As the bread was being passed Harrison referred to me as "His Angel." As the "new friend" took the piece of bread she asked, "Why do you call her that?" With his beautiful joy-grin and the eyes of dancing, he boldly states, "Because of who she is AND Who she knows."

Oh, the tears poured into my soul. If Harrison only had known my heavy heart.

The "new friend" looked at me, and there I saw it...those eyes...dancing, twinkling, and she asked, "Are you a Christian?" I replied, "Yes, I am."

I didn't need to ask her the same; the joy oozed out of her.

Joy danced into the broken-bread isle. We laughed, we high-fived, and Church arrived.

We talked, we shared, and Peace hovered over the three of us.

I turned and saw the line forming for a piece of the broken bread. No telling how long those folks waited but I do know they felt the presence of the One. 

I hugged the "new friend" and told Harrison I loved him and stepped away.

Friends, healing happened in my heart of hurt in the broken-bread isle. The past month has been raw, sad, and a piece of my heart broke off due to an event that happened that is not mine to share. 

As I walked out and reflected on the moment in my local grocery store, it struck me that love pours out day in and out from Harrison in the broken-bread isle of Wegman's. No surprise Jesus placed him there for such a job as this: Harrison breaks bread and gives it to folks for body AND spiritual nourishment.

Harrison passes Jesus-Hope, our Saviors-Love, and Peace-Truth to each person who is willing to receive the Broken-Bread of Life. 

This is not the first time I have written about Harrison; however, the precious moment in the grocery store struck me and stuck with me. I had to pass it to you. 

Break the Bread of Life and pass it to others, my sweet friends. Community and fellowship happen when we break bread with others. Love and gentleness walk in and intertwine hearts together. 

Jesus, our Broken-Bread. His brokeness gently steps in freedom. Such sweetness in His love. Pass it on, share, and pour out the Cross-Love on others. 



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