New Beginnings: Sisterhood

Hey Friends,

I know, I know...where have I been?

To the ones who are new, welcome, I am happy you slipped into this safe place. To the ones who are still here, thank you for waiting. I have missed you.

Over a year ago, God took my words from blog writing and He placed them elsewhere. He shifted my passions in a new direction and planted seeds in a place for something new.

I have been silent because God made me quiet for His purpose. You see, writing is a gift from God, and my words are His words. I am not my own. When I live out ministry, I desire to live it out with open hands.

This is what I know friends: God is love. God is good. God has a purpose for you, and He has one for me. His promises we can trust and savor and be excited for the adventure He calls us to join Him in.

With all that said, I want to introduce a new ministry I am a part of which is launching on October 1. I have linked arms with five other sisters, and we have been planning, praying, retreating, eating, laughing, and dreaming the past year about what God would have us to do and it has been amazing.


Sisterhood Ministries desires to unite sisters together through the love of Jesus. We call each other Sisters and are excited to call you Sister, too. God places a yearning on our hearts for relationship. The first and foremost important relationship is with Him; however, God has placed a craving in each of us for authentic connection with others: Sisterhood.

Please do me the honor—slip over to the Sisterhood Ministries website from the links provided on my website, and take a look. If you are interested, sign up. I promise we will not fill up your inbox with "stuff." I am biased, but our website is fun and so pretty.


On my home front, I am no longer going to write weekly blogs. Instead, you will receive a monthly newsletter and once a month a blog posting that I wrote for Sisterhood Ministries.

God has flowed-in so much goodness in my life; however like all of us there are moments of struggle and challenge. You understand what I am saying; I never want to reflect a life without issues or hurts. I hope to live transparently, and I do want to shine my Savior's goodness in ALL life moments, not just the good one’s.

Before we closeout, how do you like my website's facelift? Thank you to my son and daughter in law for helping me redesign my site. Stroll around the site, see what’s new and coming up. I hope you like it, I sure do.

The most significant change is the site’s name and its focus on ministry areas. We will see where God takes me in this new season of life. I pray you will join the ride with me.

One more thing and then I will sign off until October. Do you know you have a story? You do. It may seem too broken to share, or shame might silence your words, but your story is important. God uses the broken moments for His purpose. We find freedom in the broken pieces of life; beauty flows out in our brokenness because of the love of Jesus.


Love, Michele