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Michele O'Leary Blog

With age and freedom, I learned to let go of insecurities that piled on top of my soul. God's never-ending love, His calling, and wooing of me helped me better understand what a daughter looks like in his own image. I am perfect because of His grace. It only took 40+ years to figure that out!

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March into Purpose: Praise

Michele Oleary

"You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; you have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness," Psalm 30:11

I have to confess a struggle I faced last week. The stronghold was frustrating and caused a fast heart-pacing worry in me.

His God-Truths would not pour into my soul-mind, as much as I searched. 

Fear started to creep into my mind, wondering how this was going to pan out knowing a deadline was looming for me.

My eyes were on the lookout for encouragement and help from my Helper. Instead, laying heavy on my heart was knowing that I was disappointing my Helper by pushing Him away. 


Early one morning, God grabbed my heart, walked me to an area of my life and unlocked a sad scene: I had left Him out and pushed Him aside just to please myself.

I placed my personal priority plan in front of His purpose for my life. 

Failing to pause and praise with my God-Love during the week.

My Heavenly Father. 

My Love. 

I left Him behind, my Spirit-Worship Mate.

The Spirit was tapping at my heart, asking me to pause and praise and wait.

I was too busy to see His heavenly-space.

Oh, I was moving right along in "prayer" and "prepare"; however, I left out the final connection piece of purpose. 

I left out the pause and praise to my Above-Love.

I was moving in life without Truth-worship. 

God walked me to a place that morning, oh yes He did. 

A Worship, Jesus place. 

A Holy-Scene.

The Glow-Christ of Freedom. 

My Freedom-Redeemer. 

Pause and Praise Truth. 

Glorify His Cross-Ways, die to self-ways. 

Revival took place, candle by candle. 

Heart-Revival renewed and reminded me He is Cross-Holy. 

Christ-Worship overflowed me with His Glory.

"Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker!" Psalm 95:6

He longs and looks and loves when we pause and praise Him in all our ways. 

He reminds us of the act of pause and praise; our purpose will always lie in Him. 

Our Holy-Water, Freedom-Redemer.

Our Cross-Purpose of Salvation and Grace.

Oh, Grace-Love of our Daddy. 

Holy Spirit-Reminder and Redeemer of our soul.

The One who Dwells within us helping us and yielding us and yearning for us to look and love the Love.

Our Love. Groom-Love.

He loves us so much He shows us and corrects us and holds onto us as we start seeking Him once again in the steps towards fellowship back with Him.

It is key we pause and praise and worship our Love. Key-Freedom in Him.

Holy Spirit wants to escort us as we pour our praises of thanksgiving over our Heavenly-Hope.

Our Holy-Counselor craves and hungers for pause and praise within.

It is needed to blossom Truth-Freedom of purpose.

As we pour out love-worship to the "Keeper of Heart," it ignites something deep within us. 

Holy-Fire and Freedom set off fireworks of Thee into you and me.

Holy Spirit-Love of pause and praise forever propels us forward to Love-Purpose. 

Holy-Worship sets us free.

"We are all made to worship God. We are all at our core worshippers of God." Louie Giglio

I praise God as He reached deep into the darkness for me three years ago and pulled me out of the grave.

The dying grave of "No Purpose" and "No Me" grave was washed away.

Just like the Trinity of God, He placed His Holy-Tools in front of me: Pray, Prepare, and Praise helped set me free.

Through His Cruciform of the Cross-Freedom, my Love-Purpose poured His Holy Love-Truths over me.

I pray the same for you, beloved, so you will be set free.

To fly in freedom like a beautiful butterfly soaring freely in Thee.

Free to know you have a purpose in each phase of life. Unique and vital for God's heavenly plan. His purpose path for you is precious and perfect and promising. 

Let go of the doubt, fear, and surrender to your Love-Purpose.

A promise of Cross-Freedom from your Love.

Your Above-Love longs for you. Will you say yes?

Father, we worship you with our praise. You are our Above-Love, pour your Love-Purpose over us. Breathe into each of us your unique purpose to move your church forward. One body in you. Help us seek and surrender to you the things that hinder us from your calling. Help us bow down to you in prayer, glean and gather and prepare in your Word, and praise you with all our thankful, worshipful hearts. We love you, Your God's Girls


Thank you for walking with me as we broke down the steps and God's tools from the Carpenter to help me move past myself and into His loving arms. His purpose freed me, my friends. His purpose grew deep love in my soul for my Freedom-Maker. I am in love with another Man. He proposed to this God's girl. My Groom-Love. I am beaming with gratefulness that He didn't give up on me. He moved me past my sorrows, sadness, and dysfunctions of life. My Balm-Healer. I pray the same for you, my friend. I am not sure where you are in your Christ path. I pray steps of freedom for you. I pray for courage for you. I pray that you will know you too have a purpose from the Cross-Blood Lover.

Join me this Thursday, March 30 at 7:30 PM EST for Facebook Live Chat on CC Facebook Page as we concluded "March Into Purpose." 

Passion-Glorious Day (Live) ft. Kristen Stanfill